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4 Proven Ways to Fight Stress Eating

I found this interesting when I was reading my Prevention book. Instead of just mindlessly eating and not really eating healthy try some of these tips.

1. Eat a Clementine instead of a cookie. The simple act of peeling a clementine can serve as a meditative moment, bringing you into the present and out of your busy head. Plus, the smell of citrus has actually been shown to be calming.

2. Pop your clothes in the Dryer. Wrap yourself in a robe right out of the dryer when you're feeling frazzled. Not only is it comfy and relaxing, but research also shows that we eat less when our body temp is a bit warmer.

3. Hack your lunch. To avoid mindlessly downing your lunch while responding to e-mails, eat with your nondominant hand. You're not used to it, so you're forced to be more mindful, which can help you eat as much as 30% less food.

4. Ditch your shoes at the door. Many of us are prone to stress eating when we get home from work. Try taking off your shoes and thinking I leave my trouble at the door or immediately changing into comfortable clothes.

I'm going to try these and let me know how they work for you.

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